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sage faqs

Where is Sage Massage Studio located?

Sage Massage Studio is located on the corner of Cedar Springs and Hood Street at 3525 Cedar Springs.  Parking and entry for Sage is located in the back of the building.

Does Sage Massage Studio offer couples massage?

As a solo practitioner at Sage, Cemetria strives to focus on one client at a time. Sage does not provide couples massages

Can Sage Massage Studio accommodate 3 or more clients at the same time?

As a solo practitioner, Sage can not accommodate multiple clients at the same time. A larger massage establishment would be recommended.

Do I need to tip?

Gratuity is a gift from the client. It is not necessary to tip at Sage, but some of you just love gifting. The biggest gift is seeing you on the schedule, allowing me to continue providing you with great massage, but I will cordially accept your tip if one is given.

Do I have to prepay when booking an appointment?

No, prepayment is not required to schedule an appointment at sage. You can bypass prepay and book your appointment. Others may choose to prepay online so they can have a touch-free exit after their session or if they are utilizing a gift certificate. I ask for all clients who have a history of cancelling at other establishments to not use the prepay option.

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