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When I call, no one answers the phone, why?

Cemetria is an independent massage practitioner and owner of Sage Massage Studio. She usually makes a habit of never taking her phone into the massage room or texting while massaging, which she personally has experienced as a client of massage. She has created a highly efficient website that provides an online booking process that is simple and straightforward. Select the service, date, and time and follow the prompts. If you leave a message, she will respond via text, email or a phone call.

There is another two-story house on the corner of Cedar Springs and Hood that fits the description. It has a massage sign in front of it as well as says Salon. Is this the correct building?

Sage Massage Studio is located on the corner of Cedar Springs and Hood Street at 3525 Cedar Springs. There is parking in front and back of the building. Parking and entry for Sage is located in the back of the building. The other building across the street has a different address and has a salon sign and lots of foliage, that is not the correct building.

How does the series work?

Purchasing a series of the same service allows for clients to receive an upfront discount. The series cannot be transferred to another service on the menu or be combined together in one visit to increase time, nor can it be given as a gift certificate. The Series can be shared with spouse, partner, friend, just inform Sage. If a client no shows or cancels within two hours of a scheduled appointment time, Sage can redeem a service from the package to cover the missed appointment. Please inquire if you would like more clarification.

How does a gift certificate work?

When a purchaser buys a gift certificate, they can purchase a custom amount. The dollar amount allows the recipient to utilize the gift for whatever services they would like to experience. The gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash or any retail purchases. Once purchased, gift certificates cannot be refunded. Please inquire if you would like more clarification.

Why do you not offer couples massage?

As a solo practitioner at Sage, Cemetria strives to focus on one client at a time. Cemetria also believes that massage should be an individual experience. There are lots of great spas in Dallas that can meet the coupling massage needs.

Why can't I get in same day or two days from now?

Sage has a strong, robust clientele who enjoy massage as part of their wellness regiment. Clients have the ability to schedule 60 days out online from the date. Last minute bookings are harder to get in due to others who are pretty good at planning time for themselves. If you are visiting from out of town, you may want to try a larger multi-therapist massage establishment that may be able to accommodate your last minute needs. I believe there are great massage therapists all around and encourage all clients to plan ahead.

During my massage should I leave my clothes on or get fully undressed?

Fully undressed based on your comfort level.


Remember: Sage always drapes with clean sheet and blanket, unless client dictates their own level of comfort. Sage never assumes all clients are comfortable with abdomen massage. Sage will inform you when it is best to leave bottom underwear off, especially when dealing with deep piriformis/glute issues. Sage will show due diligence when addressing modesty areas like the deeper Psoas & Iliacus muscles near the groin area. Sage respects the clients right of self determination to request no glute or pectoral work, otherwise I do work glute and pectoral muscles as connective muscular language.

Do I need to tip my therapist?

Gratuity is a gift from the client. It is not necessary to tip at Sage, but some of you just love gifting. The biggest gift is seeing you on the schedule, allowing me to continue providing you with great massage.

Can I Pre-Book with you directly?

Yes. If you send via email at or text Sage at 940.594.1903 any future dates and times you are looking to schedule, I will try to accommodate as many of those dates and times as possible, I cannot guarantee that all the dates you desire will be available. You will receive confirmation of any dates that are on the schedule.

Where did you get the name sage massage studio?

First, Sage is a part of the word Massage. Massage is defined as manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person's health and well-being. 

Secondly, A Sage is recognized from Old French sage (11th century), from Vulgar Latin *sapius, from Latin sapere (“to taste, to discern, to be wise"), from Proto-Indo-European *sap- (“to taste"). The noun meaning "man of profound wisdom."

Thirdly, Sage is also known as an exceptional herb which may help disperse stagnant energy, purifying, cleanse and soothe stress.


I studied art in college, and I believe that massage is my art. So Sage, in combination with those three ideals is provided in an intimate studio like setting, that helps me to accomplish therapeutic goals.

May I ask ANY question that I may have?

Yes. I truly enjoy answering questions.

What sign are you?


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