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Cemetria Hayes McMullen 

Licensed Massage Therapist: #025547
Massage Therapy Instructor: #2558
Continuing Education Provider TX: #1411

Since 2000, I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey as a massage therapist!

I have always believed that there are a large pool of great massage providers for every client and

​I am truly humbled that of all the choices in Dallas, my clients choose me.

By creating Sage, I wanted to go back to when I first started out as a therapist, when it was just the client and myself, working to meet their individual goals in a setting that was conducive for clients to un-shield themselves from daily stresses.

No front desk person, no retail goals, no membership plans, not a lot of people walking around, just great massage and bodywork in a simple, inviting, therapeutic and comfortable environment. A space where I can do my best work and clients can reap the benefits of a customized and tailored service. I love the business of massage and the opportunity to serve and offer clients a great massage experience!

As a former instructor at Parker University School of Massage Therapy for 9 years and Continuing Education Provider in the State of Texas. I am dedicated to the growth of future and practicing therapists through classes and mentoring opportunities.

I look forward to sharing my passion for healing and wholeness with you. I am here to empower, educate, and guide you to stress reduction and muscular health at Sage Massage Studio, where massage is my art!

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